The Victorian Desalination Plant located just out of Wonthaggi is one of the countries largest infrastructure projects that has had and continues to have a massive impact on our local community. The Desal plant is run by Aquasure and it was a delight to have the Plant Director Mr Greig Mercer and his community liaison representative Rosemary Swart come and address us regarding the progress of the project. Amongst the many mind-boggling statistics that Greig shared with us, there were also a number of little surprises. Did you know that the Desal employs a full time ethical hacker who constantly tests their vulnerabilities to hacking attacks?

We appreciate greatly all the support that Aquasure has given to our community through, grants, scholarships and jobs for locals and it was great to hear how they are going.
Greig and Rosemary are pictured here with good friend and past president Neville Goodwin.